SPI+ - the one program for the analysis of piles and walls

Deep excavation in Seattle

SPI+ for the analysis of piles and walls ...

SPI+ is a program, that analyses the response of single piles to combined axial and lateral loads. It is like LPILE + APILE, but with more accurate modelling of the pile and of sequential loadings.  Because it handles axial and lateral loads simultaneously, p-delta effects are automatically accounted for. But the + means that SPI+ also models walls, using unique nonlinear earth pressure springs. No more guessing at what p-multipliers should be used. And no more inappropriate assumption of superposition for sequential loadings that involve nonlinear behavior!

... and also for the analysis and design of shoring systems

SPI+ also provides for the analysis and design of shoring systems.  These are typically designed using limit equilibrium methods that assume full development of the active and passive pressures.  In reality the earth pressures are a function of displacements. Some shoring design programs cannot even compute displacements!

Turn software from an expense into a profit center

SPI+ will be made available long-term only as Software as a Service (SaaS).  It can be paid for per run or used without limit under the terms of an annual licence, which can be paid for either monthly or annually, as desired.  The accumulated charges per run for any project will be recorded automatically and can be rebilled to clients, marked up as appropriate.Under the SaaS model, updates will be made automatically "in the cloud", but it will still be possible to access all earlier versions. 


SPI+ will be available as SaaS by late 2018.  In the meantime, SPI+ is available for a modest fee as an interim version that runs under Windows to qualified users.  The fee for the interim version will be converted to an annual licence fee once the SaaS front end is implemented.  Call Doug at 510 549 1565 or Bob at 925 323 7338 for further details. Sadly, well-intentioned engineers are getting incorrect results using existing programs. Check out SPI+ today!

Why not FLAC or PLAXIS?

Some, again, well-intentioned engineers, think that the solution to wall problems is to use programs like FLAC or PLAXIS, because "everything comes out in the wash".  Yes and no.  That would be true if the structural elements are modelled correctly, which usually they are not, and if the soil properties, including stiffnesses as well as strength, could be specified accurately.  Again, normally they are not, and the choice of soil properties is always difficult to defend. regardless of how much effort you put into choosing them.

Spread the word!

To summarize, SPI+ offers more accurate modelling of both structural elements and soil support, can accommodate sequential loadings, and can be used to compute deformations of walls and shoring systems.  The accuracy of all this still depends on the user exhibiting some intelligence regarding soil properties, but finally there is a tool that can model these elements of soil structure behavior with some accuracy, if it is used wisely.  If you know of others how are still using legacy programs that are incapable of modelling these problems, regardless of how much effort they put into it, thus exposing themselves to either excessive construction costs, or failures and lawsuits, pass the word about SPI+.  If we can confirm that that you have referred an additional interim version user to us, we will give you a rebate of 20 percent of your own fee for the interim version of the program.  In case the arithmetic is too difficult for you (this is a joke), refer 5 interim version licensees to us and you get your interim version and first year's annual licence for free!  This offer also applies within a single company.  Because SPY licenses are limited to one computer, larger firms may require multiple licenses.  But for every five licenses, the next one is free!