Welcome to SPY, home of next generation soil structure interface software

About Us

SPY is our name and SPI+ is our first product

SPYsoilstructuresoftware combines the years of experience of Douglas J. Stock and Robert Pyke in developing software for the analysis of both structures and soils, and focusses on better modelling of soil structure interface problems.

Does your existing software do the job?

Are you still using legacy software that does not handle complex loadings and linearizes what are clearly nonlinear problems? Get your structure and your soils talking to each other. Instead of ending up in court, end up with awards.

Test drive the future now!

SPY soil structure interface software will be offered as software as a service (SaaS). Programs can be used on a pay per run basis, or under  annual licences which can be paid monthly or annually. Per run fees can be recharged to clients. Turn software from an expense into a profit center. Pending launch of our SaaS front end, an interim version of SPI+, that runs under Windows, is available to qualified users NOW.